Annual and tourism Rates

License of a club affiliated to the compulsory UNS.
The card is free and request either from our club for our active members, either directly to the UNS.
The holiday cards are not accepted.

Our friends 4 legs are accepted under certain conditions.

Rates per day per person
US CHF 10.--
Interclub (Day) CHF 5.--

nights (departure before noon)
FSN-UNS dormitory Nights CHF 8.--
tents CHF 15.--
Cars caravan +, Motorhome, Camping car CHF 20.--
Electricity, 24 package ;CHF 5.--

The price of nights adds to the days of price. Example : 1 person CHF 10.-- + 1 tent CHF 15.-, a total of CHF 25.--.